Feb 9, 2011

about being angry.

No matter what you do, or what you say.

No matter what attempts you are making just to get me angry or hate you.

Sorry, but it won't work.

You taught me about being angry for only a good reason.

A very good reason, like when Saiyidina Ali a.s. got angry with a kafeer for humiliating Islam.

When he was about to chop off the kafeer's head, the man spit in his face.

Saiyidina Ali was surprised. After awhile, he put his sword down.

The man was perplexed, and asked why Saiyidina Ali didn't kill him, even after he had spit in Ali's face?

Said Saiyidina Ali: "Earlier I was angry with you because you humiliate Islam. I got angry because of ALLAH. But after you spit, my reason changes. I got mad because of what you did to me. And I don't wanna kill you for that reason."

This was one of the many stories you told me.

I can never be Saiyidina Ali, but I can always try.

So do whatever you want, say what you wanna say.

Tell me to go away, say that you don't wanna see my face anymore.

I can never be mad at you.

Because deep inside, you are good. I know.

May ALLAH bless all of us.


Ai Ni.. said...

owh..hebatnye para sahabat..apatah lagi Rasulullah kan..hihi..:D

AYIE said...

betul.. sangat hebat..
sampai camtu cara diorang pikir..
saiyidina umar yang terkenal garang pon
lepas masuk Islam sanggup rendahkan ego dia..
demi agama :)

Umar said...

inspirational! it's like.. give me strength after reading this! and i am smiling, a peace one. :)

AYIE said...

realy? i'm glad ^^
memang sesungguhnya Rasul dan para Sahabat adalah sumber inspirasi terbaik :)